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About Me: I am the creator/ founder of The Millionaire Mentor Club (How To Get Rich/ Wealth Secrets of Catholic Black Nigerian Billionaires/ New Day New You/ Rich Retirement Success). My name is Angela Akinbohun. I am 35 years old. I live in Woodbridge, Northern Virginia. I have lived in the Washington, DC area since I was 11 years old. I graduated from CET, The Center for Employment Training, in Alexandria, Virginia in 2013. I studied Business Office Technology and Office Administration. I earned a GED in 2002. I receive small business/ entrepreneur/ startup mentoring from and Empowered Women International/ EWI ( and African Women Power (AWP) Network ( and We-Fi World Bank ( and Village Capital ( I like to cook, clean, decorate, shop, read, learn, travel, donate money to charity, and volunteer (philanthropy). I like to watch artistic & intellectual films. I like to watch old movies (black and white, classics). I like to watch documentaries. I like to study the history of fashion, personal style, and costume design. I love to read books, magazines, & newspapers. I like to keep up with the news and politics. I like to visit libraries, archives, art galleries, historic homes, historic sites, monuments, planetariums, aquariums, zoos, safaris, and museums. I come from an upper middle class family. My dad/ father is Yoruba and Hausa, Nigerian. He is a mechanical engineer. My dad works for the U.S. federal government. My dad used to work for METRO/ WMATA public transportation in Washington, DC. My mom/ mother is Black-American. She is from The American South. She is a retired school teacher. My mom has four/ 04 children and she is a homemaker. I sell apps for work. I am a business solutions specialist (plus digital solutions). I am a motivational & inspirational public speaker. I am a wealth and money coach. I am a life coach. I am a luxury lifestyle expert. I founded and own Crown Global: luxury concierge & lifestyle management company. I own my own skin care business. I am a Black Hair Coach. I hope to continue my college/ university education over the next three years. I have a close relationship with The Nigerian Government, The Nigerian Embassies, The U.S. State Department/ U.S. Department of State (Nigerian Desk), The U.S. Department of Commerce. I have a close relationship with many churches, small and medium sized businesses/ SME’s, charities/ nonprofits, and schools/ colleges/ universities, both nationally and internationally. I am a participant trainee student in The Coursera Google I.T. and Tech Support Career Training Certification Program Online. I am a student at Modern States Education Alliance Philanthropy Project (Harvard, MIT, Wall Street NYC).

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