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I'm the ONE Im the ONE that will help you take control of your mind.

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About me

I’ve been into Spiritual fitness for almost 10 years. in a variety of areas such as: Weighligting, Cardiovascular trainning, Metabolic Conditioning, Sports and Recovery methods, meditation, yoga, zumba, and the most important: Nutrition and Mindfullness.

Spiritual Fitness is not only regarding the body, but the most important parts: the mind and soul.

My main focus is to help my clients to develop a sustainable healthy mentality that moves them forward to manifest the life they most desire. From the inside out.

More often than not, Spirituality has been projected as a painful and horrible experience. Not many people even consider meditating after the thrid time, according to the Isntitute of Neuroplsticity in Palo Alto, California.

Im going to be the ONE to introduce you to a world of Spiritual fitness, that is enjoyable, fun and sustainable for you and your beloved ones. Its called Spiritual “Fitness” because its like a muscle that we train, to attain that grounded, peacefull and joyful lifestyle we all deserve.

It envolves a different approach to Spirituality. Starting with the mind and soul, to align yourself with your intentions, and from there tackle your desires in a fun and easy to apply methods.


David R Ballado