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Get your bible verse of the day via the CallTheONE app. Inspiring preachers are gathered here to provide you with a daily bible verse.

Are you a god loving person? So are some of the experts on our app. You can video call them, and they will give you spiritual guidance. You can pray with them or they tell you a verse from the bible.

Bible verse of the day via video calling app

Isn’t it great that new technologies like video calling can bring people together? It can even help people to get closer to god. People who call our spiritual experts have many reasons.

  • Some are looking for someone to listen
  • Some want to be inspired
  • Some want to speak to someone who is like-minded
  • And some just like the idea that you can video call about your favorite subject

Whatever your reason is to call one of our spiritual experts, please enjoy it. A Daily bible verse can lift up everyone’s day.

What’s your favorite bible verse?

What is your favorite bible verse? And is it about strength? Love, faith or something totally different? Wouldn’t it be great to share it with others? If you like to share your bible verses as well, you can also consider becoming an expert on TheONE. That way, like-minded people can call you. And you can talk to them about religion. Wouldn’t that be great?

Joining is easy. Whether you want to call an expert or if you want to become one. You should always download the app. If you fill in your profile in the app, you are automatically an expert.

A daily bible verse from all over the world

The great thing is, that our experts are from all over the world. That is a great way to experience how people from the other side of the planet experience the same faith as you have. Do not hesitate, and call one of our spiritual experts today!

Pieter Pretorius
Pieter Pretorius
$ 0.22 PM
Music, Language etc.
I'm the ONE I listen, I understand, I help, I teach, I perfect, I correct. I am the one.
Muriel Mushariwa
Muriel Mushariwa
$ 0.06 PM
Legal Academic
I'm the ONE Virtual Personal Assistant and Legal Researcher
Aliska Robinson
Aliska Robinson
$ 0.13 PM
I'm the ONE talk
Mbong Conrad Fonsa
Mbong Conrad Fonsa
$ 0.28 PM
Zsuzsi Horvath
Zsuzsi Horvath
$ 0.37 PM
$ 0.06 PM
I'm the ONE That have life skills, lessons and Faith, and many businesses
Lissette Alvarado
$ 0.09 PM