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CTR is an online marketing concept. CTR stands for Click Through Rate. With this, we mean the percentage of people that click on a banner.

Calculation example CTR

The CTR is easy to calculate. Suppose you have 1000 visitors on your website.

If 5 people click on a banner, then you have a Click Through Rate of 0.5 percent (5/1000)*100 = 0.5.

If you have had 25000 visitors and have clicked through 325 of them, then your CTR is 1.3% (325 / 25000) x 100 = 1.3%.

What is an average CTR?

An average CTR is, of course, difficult to give. It depends on many factors. Which factors influence the CTR?

  • How well does the advertisement fit the target group?
  • How good is the advertisement? For example, does it contain a clear Call to Action?
  • What is the advertising format? In general, the larger and especially the wider the banner, the higher the CTR.
  • What is the position of the banner? Is it above the fold, inside the content, on the right menu or at the bottom of the page?

However, you can assume that a good implementation should be able to achieve a Click Through Rate of around 2 percent. But as one of the above factors, this can be much lower or much higher.

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