Entrepreneurship does not have to cost energy

Ben Steenstra
25 Mar 2019 | 4 mins read
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As a strategic sparring partner and business coach of many successful entrepreneurs, I see too often that entrepreneurs are exhausted over time. Managing the company costs them so much energy that in the evenings and at the weekend they can do nothing but lay down. Even playing with the kids cost too much energy. However, that is not necessary. Because there is a big difference as an entrepreneur to pursue your goals and ambitions or to live every day according to your highest intention. One costs energy and the other gives energy. Every day again.

Entrepreneurship does not have to cost energy

The difference between goals and ambitions

If you achieve goals, those goals ultimately lead to your ambition. Imagine that you want to write a book. Then that can be a goal to become a writer. But when you write an article, the article can be a goal for your ambition to write a book. The greater the ambition, the greater the goals are to achieve your ambition. You can see that as follows:

Ambition > To become the best writer in the world

Goal > Become a writer

Sub-goal > Write a book

Sub-sub-goal > Write an article

The definition of your highest intention

You can describe your highest intentions as your greatest objective in life. Suppose I believe that education promotes world peace. Because if everyone had all the knowledge of the world, there would be more mutual understanding and we would be less inclined to make war. My highest intention then is world peace by contributing to the education of humanity.

If this is my highest intention, it could be a logical consequence to become the best writer in the world. But more happens when I state my highest intention. All of a sudden my ambition, goals, and sub-goals have only become replaceable resources to contribute to my highest intention. Instantly there are many more ambitions and goals to consider of how I organize my life in such a way that I contribute to my highest intention. For instance:

Suddenly the ambition is secondary to the intention and that makes a very big difference in energy. That has to do with the following:

Ambities and goals

  • Are about yourself and what you want for yourself. That is why they are usually about ego, status, and money.
  • They are time-bound. Once achieved, you need a new goal or ambition.
  • Costs a lot of energy to achieve. You have to work hard for it and often have to learn a lot.

It is very different when we talk about your highest intention

  • Highest intentions are timeless. You can contribute to it, but there is no finishing line.
  • Highest intentions are about yourself in relation to others and society. It is a contribution to a larger whole than yourself that you are still part of.
  • Highest intentions provide energy. Always. You may be woken up for it because your intrinsic motivation is so high that you can be busy with it day and night.

Your highest intention gives direction to all your ambitions and goals. It is the compass with which you can test whether you are pursuing the right things. Many entrepreneurs forget that and burn out like a candle because they waste a lot of energy on the wrong goals and ambitions. Sometimes because they lose sight of their highest intention and sometimes because they never became aware of their highest intention.

Your highest intention also gives you peace of mind and freedom. You not only know why you do what you do, but you can also freely choose which ambitions and goals give the most satisfaction. And if one thing doesn't work, you just do the other.

Business coaches within TheONE can guide you to become aware of your highest intention or to get your highest intention back in sight again.

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