Startup Business coaches

Learn how to successfully start your own business with the help of professional business coaches from all over the world. Instant contact with the best Business Coaches you need at CallTheONE via live video interaction.

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Are you in need of assistance for starting up your business? Stop Googling for hours and get your information from the source! Experienced business entrepreneurs are willing to share their knowledge with you to give you a boost. Most people with a Startup have a great idea but are not sure how to start with the idea. Asking for advice is the biggest asset that all great Serial Entrepreneurs have in common. Not learn that skill by calling a Startup Business Coach for help.

At TheONE you can instant call via live video chat the best available Start Up Business Coach and ask as many questions as you want. By knowing more you reduce the chance of failure and will feel more comfortable of really taking the step to start.

What is the benefit of a Startup Business Coach?

  • Learn the common pitfalls that many startups made before you and avoid them
  • Get guidance to improve your business plan
  • Learn how to master questions from banks or investors and how to find investors
  • Check if your plans are to optimistic and ambitious or not
  • Learn how to create the perfect pitch for you startup

Tips for startups from experienced entrepreneurs

What most startups have in common is that founder has a great idea, but it’s not proven yet to work. Online Startup Business coaches at CallTheONE know this because most of them also at least once or more times had a startup. In this phase most startup founders have a hard time convincing people that their company will be a success. The art of a successful startup is to grow from the Discovery Phase to the Comfort Phase.

The Discovery Phase of a Startup

In this phase a startup have to figure out many very uncertain things. Will the customer like the product, is the value for money good, will it take less or a lot more time before the revenue grows and much much more. Startup business coaches at CallTheONE can help you to categorize and prioritise these uncertain factors. This is important because without the overview and prioritisation of the uncertainties, you can’t bring them to the next phase of Comfort. Common uncertain factors are for example:

  • Time to market
  • Cost management and revenue growth
  • Customer interest and satisfaction
  • Quality of the service or product
  • Impact of the competition on the business
  • Economical growth or disasters

On first sight it can feel that a startup first need to go to the market before these issues can be proven. Online Startup Business Coaches can help you without a huge investment to not prove that it works, but make it ‘most likely’ to work.

The Comfort Phase of a Startup

At the comfort phase of a startup the maximum amount of uncertainties are tested or benchmarked. That does not proof that it will work, but people can trust with limited doubt that it should work the way as planned. Market research and competitor benchmarking are great tools to give the people are you a feeling of comfort about your startup plans.

With the help of startup business coaches or professionals you can get the right data to proof that what was once only a fantasy, can become reality. But, the proof is in the pudding thus most people will only believe it when they see it.

Don’t talk, perform!

If for example you believe that everybody is waiting for your product, but you need money to produce it. Why not sell it first to those millions of customers and than produce? Or when you plan to built the new Facebook but to complete it, you need money. Why not ask those 3 billion Facebook customers to sign up already and you notify them when it’s ready?

Over 70% of the startups don’t make it for the first 12 months

Avoid mistakes that others made before you by asking advice from professionals. At CallTheONE you pay per minute as long as you want the call to last. Make advantage of the latest live video interaction technology and invest small money in the best tips from startup professionals.

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