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The term 'B2B' stands for Business-to-Business. In other words, companies that sell products or services to other companies. B2B is the counterpart of B2C, which stands for Business-to-Consumer, and where companies sell products or services to consumers.

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Mariana  Leon
Mariana Leon
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I'm the ONE soy de personalidad reparadora, por lo que tratare de ayudarte en todo hasta llegar a los objetivos, tu logro tambien sera el mio :)
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psicologa comunicacional
Mexico City ,  Mexico
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Robel  G Michael
Robel G Michael
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I'm the ONE that offers customised and personalised consultancy. NO SOP
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Vienna ,  Austria
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Joe Vilkoski
Joe Vilkoski
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I'm the ONE "I'm the ONE who can take an idea and turn it in to reality!"
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Fitness/ Real Estate
District of Columbia ,  United States
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Elena Butler
Elena Butler
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I'm the ONE Im the one Jill of all trades with a knack for creativity and logic
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Alameda County ,  United States
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Wassili Zafiris
Wassili Zafiris
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I'm the ONE Senior life and business Coach
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Coaching, Training
Government of Amsterdam ,  Netherlands
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