How do you make employees happy? Let them work remotely via live video calling!

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Despite the fact that study after study shows the advantages of working from home, there is only a small percentage of the working population that can or may work from home. It is estimated that about 10% works at least 1, but often several days a week at home. If entrepreneurs, executives, and managers were aware of the positive impact that work from home would have on employees, their performance and on cost savings, perhaps more than half of the office buildings would become vacant.

How do you make employees happy

Working from home is the future

Times change. Whereas in the past careers and a high salary were seen as very important, the current generation of employees wants a healthy work/life balance and to be flexible in dealing with their time. Unfortunately, there are still too many control freaks who think that employees are unable to deal with the freedoms of working from home, but the opposite has been proven time and time again.

A study by CoSo among more than 50 companies shows that working from home leads to more productivity in 77% of cases and to less absence in 52% of cases, even if employees are ill! These figures alone should lead to the introduction of homeworking within each company, but there is more to it than that...

Employee satisfaction

Many employees are willing to sacrifice part of their salary in exchange for the opportunity to work from home. That's not surprising when you look at the figures on the benefits that this brings to homeworkers. 45% of homeworkers get more sleep, 35% do more sports and exercise, 42% take better care of themselves by eating healthier food, and 53% experience less stress. Combine these figures with the growing need for a healthier work/life balance and you will understand why working from home makes every employee happy.

Is working from home efficient?

Thanks to live video calling and all other technological developments, collaboration is becoming increasingly easy. We no longer have to sit together in the same room for meetings and we save a lot of traveling time or time to walk from one meeting to another. Technology has made it easier for us to solve problems and divide tasks together. Also, contact with colleagues is not reduced by working from home. 42% of homeworkers still feel connected to their colleagues and more than 10% say they are even more connected.

In terms of efficiency, the figures from different surveys consistently show the same results:

  • 77% of homeworkers say they are more productive at home
  • 30% of homeworkers achieve more in less time
  • 24% of homeworkers achieve more at the same time
  • 23% of homeworkers work more hours at home than at the office

The cost savings of working from home

Different studies in different countries give different results, but there is no doubt that working from home leads to cost savings. In some cases, up to $10,000 per person can be saved by working from home. The sum of all the small expenses for coffee, paper, pens, but also the purchase and maintenance of chairs, desks and office furnishings, results in savings that can make the difference between profit and loss.

TheONE also works remotely

TheONE's team doesn't have an office. As a small team, we have been working in the cloud and via live video calling for more than 6 years. Because everyone is spread around the world (Amsterdam - Budapest - Jakarta - Bangkok) we only meet in person four times a year. The rest of the communication is via video calling. The rule of the game is that because of the time differences, we always have our Smartphone with us and always answer each other's calls within the shortest possible time.

Would you like to know more about the advantages and possibilities of working from home? Contact a team member of TheONE. We are specialists when it comes to live video calling solutions and working from home.

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