Marketing gurus

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You can find different marketing gurus here. We discuss the following marketing gurus:

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Direct advice from marketing experts

Nitish Pandey
Nitish Pandey
$ 0.18 PM
IT Professional
I'm the ONE I'm your our friend that'll help you with all IT issues
Burhan Qerimi
Burhan Qerimi
$ 0.70 PM
I'm the ONE that helps you become you
Chirag Bansal
Chirag Bansal
$ 0.37 PM
Software Developer
I'm the ONE solution to your multiple problems.
Charlotte Lines
Charlotte Lines
$ 1.11 PM
Professional Remote Freelancer
I'm the ONE who is here to support you
Farooq Alias
Farooq Alias
$ 0.13 PM
Senior Sales Exec
I'm the ONE for ad sales, marketing, business, social advice