CRM system

A system with which you operate CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. You can manage this by keeping track of your (potential) customers in a CRM system. The following components can be included in a CRM system:

  • Contacts (a database with contact details of DMU’s of customers and prospects)
  • Companies (a database with contact details of companies. Contacts are linked to these companies again)
  • Sales funnel (here you keep track of your prospects and when they were last approached)
  • Contracts or quotation module - if you have to send many contracts or quotes, this is often integrated into a CRM system. Through the link, the data that is already in the system is directly imported into the contracts or quotations. You can also easily keep track of which offers or contracts have been sent. How many quotes and contracts each seller sends, how long it takes for them to return and see for each seller what percentage ultimately became a customer.
  • Reporting (here you keep track of the KPI’s of your CRM. For example, the percentage of prospects that eventually become a customer, or the average time that someone remains a customer)
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Rick De Vlieger Rick De Vlieger
03-01-2014 2 mins read
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