Seth Godin

Seth Godin (1960) is a very active author, blogger and entrepreneur. Since 1993, Seth Godin has written at least one book every year. In total there are now 17. Seth Godin became big with his internet company Yoyodyne, which he started in 1995. Yoyodyne did 'permission marketing'. They used games to promote companies. In 1998, Seth Godin sold Yoyodyne for $ 30 million to Yahoo.

The most important ideas of Seth Godin

Seth Godin believes that the time that marketers (through TV) could reach just anyone is over. Consumers are gaining more and more power, which is why marketers must have more respect. You cannot harass or mislead consumers unsolicited. Marketers must keep their promises. Seth Godin calls television advertising 'interruption marketing'. Seth Godin believes in 'permission marketing'. The consumer can participate in this, it is relevant and personal. Marketers must deserve their attention. What they offer must be so good that a 'buzz' will arise. Seth Godin calls the persons spreading the idea 'Sneezers' who spread the ideas as a virus (viral). Seth Godin calls ideas that are good enough to go 'viral' a 'purple cow'.

Seth Godin writes a lot about the internet. Because of this, the ideas in his earlier books may already be somewhat outdated, but when, for example, Unleashing the Ideavirus came out in 2001, his ideas were very innovative. For example, Seth Godin already foresaw the power of Social Media and Affiliate Marketing.

Seth Godin as an entrepreneur

In 2006, Seth Godin founded Squidoo. Visitors can easily create a website on Squidoo themselves. Successful sites receive half of the revenue and 5 percent of the profit goes to charity. Squidoo is in the top 500 of websites with the most traffic in the world.

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