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I'm the ONE with 28 yrs of tech-centric, startup/fast-growth experience and I can help you.

My areas of expertise
  • Business coaches
    • Startup
    • Fast-growth
  • Life coaches
    • Interpersonal struggles
    • Finding your purpose
  • Consultants
    • Tech start-up
    • Leading development teams
    • Set-up off shoring team
    • Funding pitch decks
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About me

Born and raised internationally. I have lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Australia.

I am passionate about the world we live in and wholeheartedly believe we have a responsibility to improve the Earth’s condition for the next generations.

I believe in getting shit done (fast) and using technology to its fullest extend to make work easier, more efficient and effective.

I love to work with equally passionate, positive-minded and (street) smart people around the world.