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Vuyisile Mxhatole

Forex Trader

City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa

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My areas of expertise
  • Musicians & singers
    • Trending
  • Business coaches
    • evaluation
    • Idea
    • BusinessInvestors
    • Startups
  • Financial & legal advisors
    • LegalAdvice
    • LegalContract
About me

am a 23 year old, unemployed African-male and a father to a 3 year old boy. I completed my matric 2015 and have
discovered my strengths thereafter. I volunteered to work as a tailor during my matric year. I’ve also done creative
writing, and have embarked in a small business (Blaque Motive) which was based in Arts and Creative aspects such as
music and drama. Furthermore, I am computer literate, both hardware and software (Microsoft, Excel and PowerPoint)
Lastly, I worked at Vector, a Logistics company that stored food in the freezer, I worked as an outbound stock
I am currently participating in Forex, online platform where I buy and sell currencies that either gain or lose valu lole,
depending on both Fundamental and technical reasons: my trading career begun in 2016. I believe hard work beats
talent, my belief encourages me to be a hardworking individual that commits to what he is willing to learn and grow