The Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) - The internet was previously only accessible with a computer. The Internet of Things means that other devices are also connected to the internet (or at least to a network) and thus become interactive. It is a trend that makes devices increasingly 'smarter'.

Examples of the Internet of Things

Examples of IoT are:

  • Connected cars - if they are stolen you can see where they are via GPS. If the airbag goes off you can be automatically connected to the alarm center. The self-driving car will of course also have the necessary advantage of an internet connection.
  • Heating boilers - which are connected to the internet, so that they can collect information about the outside temperature. They adjust their capacity accordingly. If it freezes outside, it must heat at maximum capacity. If it is warm outside, it can burn at a lower temperature, which means it uses less energy. Via Bluetooth, the thermostat can detect whether someone is at home and turn the heating on or off.
  • The refrigerator that automatically keeps track of whether the milk is low and needs to be ordered.
  • Medical equipment that uploads the results directly into the electronic file.
  • Drones that are controlled via the internet and receive real-time information about where to fly and what to do.
  • The television (smart TV), so you can stream in real time instead of just receiving static information.

Hundreds of applications of the Internet of Things can be imagined that will drastically change our lives in the coming years.

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