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How to communicate effectively?

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Learn how to communicate effectively is not that difficult if you know the basics about communication. Effective communication starts with effective and proactive listening. If you truly try to understand what the other person wants to say, you're almost master the essence of communication.

Communication is often the biggest problem within the solution. That has little to do with the intention behind what we communicate. It has to do with the translation between sender and receiver. We tend to believe that if you both speak the same language, you both use the same words and sentence structure.

We also often believe that one word means the same to you as to another. Communication experts teach you to become aware of the opposite so that you can communicate more effectively.

how to communicate effectively

Communication experts have studied the art of communicating so that a message can be transmitted and understood more effectively. Do you often feel misunderstood or do you often misunderstand others? Then a communication professional can provide insight. They are immediately available via video calling at TheONE.

Communication and giving meaning are always connected

To properly understand what communication is all about, it is important to know that we consciously and unconsciously give meaning to everything we hear, see and feel. In a fraction of a second, we give meaning to a word, an act, expression or touch.

But that doesn't mean that the meaning we give to words is always the right one! This is where the challenge of communication begins.

There are four types of communication

  • Verbal communication
  • Visual communication
  • Physical communication
  • Graphical communication

The appearance of each of these four types of communication is largely determined by three factors

  • Cultural background
  • Level of education and vocabulary
  • Individual thinking styles

Communication experts take into account the different forms of communication and the influence that these factors can have.

Intentional listening

A big difference can arise between what someone says or shows and the intention behind it. Anger and angry words can, for example, be a sign of powerlessness or sadness. And saying that you do not want something can be a sign of shame or doubt.

Communication specialists master the ability to find out the true intent behind visual, verbal, physical or graphical communication. By coaching from a communication coach through TheONE you can learn to master communication.

Being understood can be difficult

Because we often take our own sentence structure and choice of words as the standard, we can become very frustrated if others don't understand us. Certainly, because what we say, sounds so logical to us. What can be difficult about that for another?

Yet the trick is to speak not your own, but someone else's language if you want to be well understood. Communication professionals are proficient in this and pay attention to the following communication styles to speak the language of the recipient:

  • Use of words: Such as coarse, soft, abusive or timid
  • Speed ​​and rhythm of speech: Such as slow, fast, singing or staccato
  • Physical posture: As mobile, hanging, upright or slumped
  • Style: Such as symbolic, factual and analytical, poetic, narrative or short and to the point
  • Structure: Such as chaotic or structured

Communication professionals at TheONE are immediately available to tell you more and improve your communication skills.

Sometimes small changes to your communication style can have a big impact. Therefore contact a coach of your choice via Video Calling . The first minute is free and then you pay for every minute for as long as the call lasts.

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