A Few Of The Awesome Tours This Year Still Has To Offer

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November is going to be a very crowded month for many of the continents with all of the tours that will take place!
​Among others, many great bands will tour the earth starting either this month or the next one!

Here are a couple of tours all over the world that you should absolutely attend.

Ice Nine Kills:
Theatrical metalcore band Ice Nine Kills will make their first stop in both the UK and Mainland Europe.
After they signed with Fearless Records, Ice Nine Kills really got some fans all over the globe.
After countless of tours in the US, they're finally going overseas to treat both the UK and mainland Europe to some Carrie style prom.
For tour dates & tickets, check it out here.

Bring Me The Horizon:
Starting on Halloween, Bring Me The Horizon will hit the road once again for a huge tour to take place in homeland UK aswell as mainland European countries.
They'll be playing some of the biggest venues they've ever played.
We can only imagine the kind of production they're bringing to these huge venues!
For the dates aswell as tickets, go here.

Alter Bridge:
Hardcore rock legends will take their new album on the road this November for some huge gigs around Europe.
The hardrockers always give a legendary show, and armed with a brand new album filled with what will be classics sooner or later, this is a gig that cannot be missed.
The fact that they're bringing along Like A Storm as support doesn't hurt either!
Check out their tour dates and grab your tickets here.

Sleeping With Sirens:
Post-hardcore band Sleeping With Sirens will be ending the era of 'Madness' with one final gigantic tour to take place in the US starting this November!
For this brilliant tour, they'll be bringing along State Champs and Tonight Alive.
With the overwhelming support the latest album 'Madness' has gotten, let's say goodbye to the era in the most proper way possible, shall we?
Grab your tickets for the date near you here.

Asking Alexandria:
Asking Alexandria will be headlining the Sumerian Records tour '10 Years In The Black' this year.
This tour is not all about Asking Alexandria though, as the line-up for this tour is absolutely incredible.
All your favourite Sumerian bands will be on the line-up!
Supporting Asking Alexandria will be Born Of Osiris, I See Stars, After The Burial, Upon A Burning Body & newcomers Bad Omens.
I See Stars recently released a new album, which they'll be promoting on this tour, that's definitely a reason to get there sooner.
Speaking of which, both After The Burial and Upon A Burning Body have also new material to share with the fans on this tour.
The opener of the tour Bad Omens are absolutely a band you don't want to miss either.
Armed with their self-titled debut album, Bad Omens are making waves for themselves big time.
A package that surely cannot be missed.
Tickets & tour dates right here.

Twenty One Pilots:
Twenty One Pilots will take their legendary 'Emotional Roadshow' production to both the UK and mainland Europe starting next week!
This production has been THE summer event within the scene and finally the European fans can witness it for themselves now!
I would say grab your tickets here, but as they sold out like a few minutes after they went on sale, just check out the tour dates here and in case you have a ticket, have fun. Otherwise: good luck.
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