My Chemical Romance, Green Day & Many More Announce Record Store Day Releases

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Record Store Day is right around the corner again, and that means, we're getting some very exclusive releases again this year!

Among others is My Chemical Romance, who are releasing their ICONIC  "The Black Parade Is Dead!" performance in Mexico City on vinyl. This performance is among the most popular live videos on YouTube, and you'll be able to get your hands on the vinyl of the performance. This performance hasn't had a vinyl release yet! 

Other incredible bands such as Green Day, Motörhead, Weezer, Beartooth & many more will be releasing limited and very exclusive releases.

Check out a selection of the releases below and let us know if you're thinking of grabbing one of them! 

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade Is Dead! 
Previously unreleased on vinyl, it’s the band’s iconic performance live in Mexico available on 2 x 140g 12” black vinyl.
Green Day – Woodstock 1994 
Limited to just 1,000 copies worldwide, it’s a 1 x 140g 12” black vinyl album of their legendary set from 25 years ago.
Motörhead – Rockaway Beach
A purple 7” vinyl housed in a clear PVC wallet, this must-have is a cover of The Ramones’ track, as well as a live recording of R.A.M.O.N.E.S. from Wacken Festival 2006. On a side note, there’s also going to be two x 7” picture discs of Overkill and Bomber.
Weezer – Teal Album 
The quartet’s recently-released ace covers record on – you guessed it – 12” teal-coloured vinyl. They’ve also announced a B-sides LP, brilliantly titled Dusty Gems And Raw Nuggets.
IDLES – Meat EP / Meta EP 
White 12” vinyl of their Meat and Meta EPs – the latter of which has neverbeen released in any physical format before.
Beartooth – B-Sides 
Two unreleased songs not used for their latest album Disease, available on 7” vinyl.
The Wonder Years – Live From Maida Vale 
A 10” vinyl featuring live recordings from a 2018 session at London’s Maida Vale studios.

All the releases can be checked out on the Record Store Day website
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