New Clancy Letter Appears On Dmaorg.Info, Twenty One Pilots "Trench" Storyline Continues

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Last week, Twenty One Pilots returned from their hiatus with two amazing new tracks "Jumpsuit" and "Nico And The Niners". Months in advance, the band already teased their comeback with a website, in which they shared cryptic photos and letters from a character by the name of Clancy.

Clancy is a character who's making his escape from the fictional place that's called Dema, and while he's in the trench, he comes across this other character, as described in the new letter that appeared on the website earlier today.

Our friends over at @Top_Today have published the letter, and another Clique member @Polarizelive has transcribed the piece for those who have trouble reading the original letter.

​Read the letter's content below and share your theories!
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