Palisades Announce A Self-Titled Album And Release Their New Single "Aggression"

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Just a few hours ago, Rise Records announced that Palisades will be releasing a self-titled album on their label January 20th! And to celebrate that, an audio clip to a new song off of that record was released.
Listening to "Aggression," the band stuck to their unique hardcore rock sound with a pop-electronic feel unlike some of their songs off of Mind Games that had more of an EDM/hip-hop vibe. But that's what we love about Palisades, you can never really label them under one genre.

Although Palisades may have some awesome beats, their lyrical content has been up to par lately. When we spoke to Lou (vocalist) a few months back, he explained to Strife about "Fall" saying, "The inspiration lyrically was about the awkward time in between where you don't really know what you and someone else are romantically. Musically we wanted to take Palisades to its next step in its evolution and that's what came out!"

And what he said was right. In our eyes, they did take their music to the next step. So far they stepped away from their party and sexual driven content with solemn lyrics like, "Look at the end, covered in blood only silence / What's to be done, they load up the guns only violence / Sick of the good dying first," and "Can we survive what we've become / The hate is slowly choking me / American aggression for free."

Based off of those lyrics, it seems like the band is using their music to end gun violence, and violence in general. So thank you Palisades. We're loving the new vibe and look forward to hearing the rest of the album!

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​You can pre-order the album HERE or on iTunes.

Written by Melanie Gomez
Check out the audio for "Aggression" below:
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