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A Day To Remember are currently touring the globe to promote their latest album 'Bad Vibrations'. On this massive run, they came to The Netherlands to play a huge show in Tilburg's venue 013. The last time they were in The Netherlands to perform a clubshow was in 2014 in the same venue. Their return was long overdue!
As support acts, A Day To Remember took with them Moose Blood to open the night and Neck Deep as direct support!

Kicking off the night was Moose Blood, who released a new album in 2016.
Known for their aesthetically pleasing artwork and their emotional tracks, Moose Blood performed a solid yet stale performance. They know their songs, but the audience in question did not so much. 

Neck Deep brought pop-punk to life as they do so incredibly well.
In front of an audience of 2.000 people, Neck Deep managed to get them all moving, crowdsurfing and singing along to their pop-punk anthems such as 'Can't Kick Up The Roots',  'December' and 'Kali Ma'. When they come back to The Netherlands for a headliner show, it could very well be a much bigger show than their last one!

While both support acts are shifting more towards the pop-punk side, A Day To Remember came out swinging with a rather heavy setlist, including tracks like '2nd Sucks', 'Paranoia', 'Bad Vibrations' and 'Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End' providing an ever-lasting whirling moshpit. Providing the usual shenanigans such as shooting t-shirts in the audience, confetti aswell as a killer background consisting of interactive screens, A Day To Remember truly gave a show to remember.

We were there and photographed Moose Blood, Neck Deep and A Day To Remember.
Check out Eva van Kuik's photos below!

Moose Blood:
Neck Deep:
A Day To Remember:
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