Photo Review: The Pretty Reckless @ TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

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It has been too long since The Pretty Reckless did a proper tour through the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.
Over the last few years, the band has had several festival or support act slots on European ground, but in the last 4-5 years, there has been no sign of a proper tour going through multiple countries.

With the coming of their third record 'Who You Selling For', that has changed.
The Pretty Reckless have played several shows in the UK and are now playing shows all across European mainland countries.
Their second stop was in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
We were there and witnessed their dazzling and matured performance since the last time we saw them open for Fall Out Boy. They played both old and new tracks, as for a lot of the attendees, every track played live was a first.

Lead by charismatic former actress Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless played in front of a sold out crowd, which they managed to do in less than a day by the way. Armed with three records, the band played a very diverse set, ranging tracks from the very first one released 'Make Me Wanna Die', which is still one of their most famous tracks, aswell as brand new tracks from the new record 'Who You Selling For', such as singles 'Oh My God' and 'Take Me Down'.

As support act, they've brought along a brand new band called The Cruel Knives.
This band was founded by ex-members of rock band Heaven's Basement and currently working towards releasing their debut EP. The current lineup of the band includes Tom Harris on vocals, with Sid Glover on guitar, Rob Ellershaw on bass and longtime friend of the band Al Junior on the drums. As The Pretty Reckless are on a journey to revive rock 'n roll, they couldn't have taken a better supporting band with them. The Cruel Knives have a modern rock 'n roll sound and gave a very energetic show. Not to mention their performance could not have been tighter! As said before, The Cruel Knives are currently PledgeMusic campaigning their debut EP. Be a part of the rock 'n roll revival and give these guys a helping hand right here.

We witnessed both bands live and made some photos for you guys!
Check them all out below.

All photos by Eva van Kuik

The Cruel Knives:
The Pretty Reckless:
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