POLL: Vote For Your Favourite Music Video Of 2016 Here!

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We recently came to the conclusion that we love polls and from the looks of it, you do too!

We've decided to see what videos, tracks and albums you liked most from 2016 in the form of a few polls spread out over the upcoming couple of weeks.

Starting off with this one: 'What has been your favourite music video of 2016'?

2016 has been a good year for music and a good year for music videos.
A lot of artists released incredible, beautiful or just creepy music videos throughout the year.

Below we made a small selection of the ones that you've reacted on the biggest and therefore hope that your favourite of the year is among them.

If not, you can always fill in the blank space at the bottom to fill in your favourite!

Oh and btw, the more people join in, the better! So.. if you were to share this poll, we'd be forever grateful.
    ##What is your favourite music video of 2016?
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Eva van Kuik
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Ruben Hultman
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Rasmus Jersborg
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Harrie van der Lubbe
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Dave Fric
Dave Fric
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I'm the ONE who studied, travelled, made business and met plenty smart people with knowledge
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