ROCK AM RING - Three Days Grace Prove Legendary Status With Epic Set

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Rock Am Ring, one of Germany's biggest festivals was held this weekend and we are so happy to have been present. The festival welcomed the likes of The 1975, Bring Me The Horizon, IDKHOW, Against The Current and many, many more. Rock Am Ring is held at the Nurburgring, a Formula 1 race track.

The location, as well as the team behind the festival, is impeccable and it is safe to say this year was a great success. We have seen performances of the greatest rock and metal acts throughout the weekend and will share our findings as well as the photos we took from each band.

The legendary rockers from Three Days Grace are moving through Europe again - playing shows and festival left and right. Lucky for us, the band did not skip Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park this year and we got to see and photograph the band's performance.

Three Days Grace have a long-standing impressive discography and now have two albums under their belt with "new" vocalist Matt Walst, which made for quite the diverse setlist. Kicking off with the heavy-hitting 'The Mountain' from the latest album the tone was set for the entire performance. Matt Walst invested more time into crowd interaction than the last time we saw them perform.

Three Days Grace have had their fair share of hit singles, including 'I Hate Everything About You', 'Riot' and 'Animal I Have Become'. The massive crowd knew the words to these golden oldies, which made for big mosh pits and loud sing-a-longs. During the performance, Matt Walst kept requesting, nay... demanding circle pits in the crowd. A demand that was gladly met by the fans in the crowd.

Three Days Grace have been around forever, but they are showing no sign of slowing down. With the most recent album released in 2018 and several tours across the globe, chances are Three Days Grace will be playing in your country sooner rather than later.

Check out Eva van Kuik's photos of their set at Rock Am Ring and let us know if you have ever seen Three Days Grace live.

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