Ronnie Radke Weights In On Vans Warped Tour Controvery, Says 'I'm So Over These P*ssy *ss People'

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Ronnie Radke has shared his opinion on the whole controversy revolving around The Dickies, a punk band who were on Vans Warped Tour. Their frontman went on a rant directed towards a female crowdmember. More information about this incident can be read here.

The Dickies have been kicked off the tour, founder Kevin Lyman stated in a tweet regarding this issue. The Dickies have also released a statement following the media attention the incident was getting. Their statement can be read right here.

Now to move on with Ronnie Radke, frontman of Falling In Reverse, a band who's been on the Vans Warped Tour line-up for the last couple of years and will once again return this year on a select amount of dates. Radke has shared his views on the matter in a tweet, in which he states that he is 'so over these pussy ass people'. He shares that you have to be careful with everything you say nowadays, as some "Feminazi-Jesus freak-whitegirl who's pro black will start a blog and rant about it in her room on YouTube."

Ronnie Radke appears to quite irritated in the small post he made on his Twitter account which can be read below.

What is your take on the whole incident and Radke's response?
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