Yungblud, Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker Want To Record An EP Together

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Not too long ago, Yungblud, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker released their collaborative track 'I Think I'm OKAY' and released a music video for this new music.

Apparently, the three artists enjoyed working with one another, as they have revealed there are talks of recording an entire EP between the three of them.

In a recent interview with NME, Yungblud revealed that if the single 'I Think I'm OKAY' does well, they are planning on recording an EP together and taking this new music on the road.

Could the new rock supergroup be born?

Here's what he shared:
"We love working together so much that we’ve said if the music video gets 100 million views and the song goes platinum then me, Travis and Machine Gun Kelly will do an EP together and potentially a tour.”

Stream 'I Think I'm OKAY' below and let us know what you think of this potential new group!

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