"13 Reasons Why" Release Casting Call For Season 3

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"13 Reasons Why" is going into its third season and they need your help!

Are you a fan of the show? Have you always wanted to be in it yourself? This is your chance: Production of season 3 is about to start and ​Glorioso Casting held a casting call last weekend, where they explained how to go about auditioning for the show.

As of now, they are only looking for extras to appear in the background of certain scenes, no new characters have been revealed yet.

So, what are they looking for in you? Well, they need people from the ages of 18-25 and of all ethnicities to play high school students, preferably if you live close to where the shoot will be taking place, which is in the San Franciso bay area. You must be able to get and stay there however long you're needed every day, which typically goes up to 12+ hours a day.

The casting call applies specifically to people who can play football, do cheerleading, drive and ride bikes. (Make sense, when set at an American high school, doesn't it?)

You can find more details HERE, and if you want to sign up for the casting, you can do so right HERE.

The creators of the show have also revealed that filming for the third season of "13 Reasons Why" will start on August 12 and go all the way through early February of next year, meaning the new season will probably be out on Netflix towards mid or late 2019.

While the third season is just getting started on production and filming, rumours have already begun to surface about a possible fourth season. 

Are you excited about the upcoming third season of "13 Reasons Why"? What do you think about the possibility of a fourth season? Exciting or unnecessary? 

Either way, we will keep you posted on all things 13RW.

As for now, feel free to have a look at a small teaser for season 3 below.
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