5 Playlists We Think You Will Absolutely Love


Written by our besties over at @bandoverfist

Are you in need of some new music? Maybe music you’ve heard before but have forgotten, or something completely different you might not have explored on your own? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s 5 playlists that we think you’ll love!

Fueled By Ramen’s Latest Music!


This playlist is amazing. Not only is it covering on of the best record labels for new music, but it features a lot of new and upcoming artists you may not have heard before in a wide range of genres. This playlist goes from A Day To remember, to Twenty One Pilots, all the way to Chloe Moriondo. If you’re in need of some variety and want to explore some new music, this playlist is for you!

Chill 90’s/2000’s Vibes


If you’re looking for a throwback playlist, this one’s for you! This playlist ranges from the 90’s to the early 2000’s and covers a bunch of artists you might have forgotten about or just haven’t listened to in a really long time, from Third Eye Blind to The Postal Service. Give this one a listen if you wish you were back in the late 90’s, watching friends and hanging out with your buds.

Emo Forever


This on explains itself. It’s full of all things Emo! If you’re looking for your latest MCR fix or just aren’t sure which emo band you want to listen to today, try this playlist! It ranges from MCR to Good Charlotte and it’s one not to be missed!

This Is Fall Out Boy


This playlist is one of our favourites! It says what it is in the title… It’s just Fall Out Boy! What more could you want?

Being Inside Is Lame But I Have Music So It’s Fine (Maybe, I’m Not Sure)


This playlist is the perfect playlist for when you’re feeling overwhelmed about being stuck inside! It features a range of artists from Alkaline Trio to Semi-Sonic and will for sure keep you company when you’re feeling a little stuck!

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21-04-2021 3 mins read
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