A Day To Remember Have Won Their Lawsuit Against Victory Records


Update: A Day To Remember have also made a statement about the victory in the court room.
​Read it below!
It's been a long time coming, but the lawsuit that A Day To Remember filed against Victory Records in 2011 has finally come to an end.
It took a 2-week jury trial, but in the end the jury ruled in favor of the band.
A Day To Remember sued their record label Victory Records when they stopped paying royalty checks.
Victory Records was under the impression that A Day To Remember breached the contract which stated that the band would record 5 albums under the label, while ADTR only recorded 3 albums under the label.

After a long trial, the jury ruled that several live albums that were released under the label counted as albums, and therefore A Day To Remember are in the clear, while Victory Records has to pay back all the royalty checks they didn't pay the band, worth of $4.000.000 worth of digital sales and merchandise.

The composition rights went to A Day To Remember, while sound recording rights went to Victory Records.

As long as Victory Records pays the royalties to the band, the label can continue to sell the old records.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
23-11-2016 2 mins read
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