A European Festival Is Teasing Twenty One Pilots To Be Their Headliner Next Year


Southside & Hurricane festival are teasing that Twenty One Pilots is going to be their headliner for next year's line-up.

The German festivals have sent out a promo e-mail and it looks like it was accidentally prematurely sent. The mail is still full with code, notes "temporary" images and in the title of the e-mail it says "DON'T SEND".

However, in the "standard text" part of the e-mail, which is "Lorum ipsum etc." for everyone who isn't familiar with that, they have secretly hidden "turn back time to the good old days".

At the end of the mail, they have also placed 21 pictures of a dog on an airplane.

Have they learned a few tricks from the pilots themselves? Once it is officially confirmed that Twenty One Pilots is the headliner, we will post it!

Stay tuned!

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Eva van den Bosch Eva van den Bosch
16-10-2019 1 min read
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