LIVE REVIEW: Against The Current Take "Past Lives" To Ecstatic Tilburg Crowd

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Against The Current never stay away for too long. In the span of the last couple of years, we have seen Against The Current at least once in The Netherlands, with most of the years even two appearances from the band.

This time around, the band came to Tilburg to perform a show on the Jupiler Stage, which was packed with excited fans, even if most of the attendees had seen the band live before today.

Just as always, Against The Current put on one hell of a show and it is interesting to see how frontwoman Chrissie Costanza is getting more and more comfortable on stage.

In between tracks, Chrissy Costanza seamlessly addressed the crowd, sharing stories of home and joking about being exhausted from jumping around on stage all night.

The setlist consisted of a lot of tracks from the popular new album "Past Lives", and where tracks such as "P.A.T.T." and "I Like The Way" were absent on the setlist last time around, these were played with great enthusiasm and a comparable reception from the fans that night.

Against The Current ended their set with an encore that was a little out of the ordinary. The band performed a stripped down version of their single "Running With The Wild Things" and ended the evening with a performance of an older track "Another You (Another Way). These were tracks that were originally taken of the setlist, but due to the desire to switch things up a bit ended up staying on the list.

For us, it was about the 9th time we saw the band perform live, and still - it hasn't gotten boring. Every Against The Current show is a party and we'll keep attending as long as we get invited!

Check out all the photos Eva van Kuik took this evening in the gallery below!

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