ALBUM REVIEW: Grandson: "A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3"


Grandson has a particular vibe with his music. He gives people a voice to fight back against corruption and evil. This EP brings the classic rock sound he carries but he adds some new sounds that we will love.

"Rock Bottom" is the first track, and first single, which features a music video. The thing that caught my attention was the slick guitar riff. This one starts with a chorus that ends with eerie backing vocals. This is a song that you can really vibe and move with. The lyrics I believe fight against what everyone thinks a normal life should follow. You should start making change in the world.

"Oh No!!" The second single, follows that track. I could say the instrumentals have a deep, rough sound. It builds up to the chorus and, just like a classic Grandson sound, it has a hard guitar breakdown next to the vocals. The lyrics hit me mostly in the pre chorus, my interpretation of it is about the world today, which he does very often. He talks about modern day problems. The lyrics “First they incite the violence, then they invite the silence.” stood out to me. This happens daily, constant reports of violence every day, and for every tragic affair, we all take a moment of silence. They welcome a moment of silence more than doing something about the problem.

"Put Me Under" is track number three. It’s a melancholy slow guitar, with vocals that hit home. The world is so sick and cruel, and the same horrible things are displayed of us every day, we get sick of it after a while. Where it doesn’t bring attention to these problems anymore it showcases it. You try to numb it; you try to ignore it but it's everywhere that you can't ignore it anymore.

The next track, "Destroy Me", is another slow-moving song, with a simple guitar and vocals at first. How the vocals are placed with the guitar and drums with the echoing sound eventually, it feels like you're in an empty black room on a roller coaster slowing down in time moving. That’s how I feel when I listen to this song, it feels like you're on a trip. The lyrics sound like a temptation to something bad. You need an escape but what you're looking for will only harm you.

The last track on this EP, "Die Young", has another classic Grandson sound. The rough but crisp guitar that’s leads up to its break down during the chorus. Like a lot of Grandsons messages in music, this is a very empowering song for people who want to fight against the corruption in the world. “If I die young, know the truth is forever.” means to me that you should stand up for what you believe in and let the truth out, and it's better to die for standing up for what you believe in than following corruption and evil blindly.

This EP definitely did not disappoint, Grandson out does himself every album I believe. He brings his classic sound which is always rad to hear, but still adds a fresh vibe, and he still keeps the same message throughout all of his music and that’s what's important. He’s the voice that’s bringing change to the world. I am really excited for a full album soon!

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nicole mitchell nicole mitchell
21-09-2019 3 mins read
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