Album Review: I Prevail - Lifelines


The guys in I Prevail have taken the entire world by storm after releasing their hardcore version of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”. Since then they have hit the road and the recording studio to bring new music to the scene. With their second album "Lifelines" Brian Burkheiser (vocals), Eric Vanlerberghe (vocals), Steve Menoian (guitar) and Lee Runestad (drums) have created a masterpiece of soft and heavy vocals intertwined with electronic moments and grinding guitar sounds. The release of "Lifelines" highlights why I Prevail are already headlining tours.

The first two tracks, “Scars” and “Stuck In Your Head”, were released as singles hinting toward the stellar album yet to come. “Scars” induces both headbanging and screaming at the top of your lungs, while “Stuck In Your Head” proves that songs about your ex can be heavy and really get stuck in your head!
The third track and title track, “Lifelines”, has a soft melody, then turns heavy with guitar riffs and a backbeat that will induce heart murmurs. “Lifelines” will be interesting to hear live. Vocally Burkheiser and Vanlerberghe combine in this song to showcase the diversity of vocal ranges the band can accomplish. To hear another track that intertwines their vocals beautifully listen to Chaos.

Going further instrumentally, the drums, Runestad, are both pop punk influenced as well as hinting toward a more metalcore vibe. I can't get enough of “RISE” especially when paying special attention to Runestad as he uses quick beats then switches to longer more drawn out beats that mimic what I love about any crowd moving track.
“Already Dead” definitely emphasizes guitar player , Menoian’s, talent. “One More Time” also captures another side of Menoian’s talent by introducing a pop punk side. It includes noticeable riffs that create a vibe that is easy to pick up on and have fun with.

Lyrically the entire album is interesting. There is a mixture of life lesson packed tracks and they go from there to cover a variety of topics. Most interestingly all of the tracks seem to pull together and fit the “theme” of what I believe to be Lifelines by creating a mix of songs that could and will fit any walk of life.

To embrace the pop punk side of I Prevail listen to “My Heart I Surrender”. Lyrically it tugs on the heartstrings of a listener and the beautiful acoustic accompaniment makes “My Heart I Surrender” a beautiful work of art. It proves that a band can pull off heavy tracks while simultaneously creating magnificent softer tracks as well.

Each track of I Prevail’s second album "Lifelines" makes for a goldmine of talent. Throughout the entire album there will be a track for whatever mood you are in. Along with the versatility the album also provides for some future mosh pit starters that I for one will jump into gladly! These guys have started paving a way to make for a great band and I can't wait to see where these next few years take them.

Written By: Ashley Long 

Cane Hill
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
26-10-2016 4 mins read
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