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Album Review: The Amity Affliction - This Could Be Heartbreak

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It’s finally here, the follow up to The Amity Afflictions 2014 album, Let The Ocean Take Me, but will it be able to to match the stand out anthems and success from it. In true Amity style all emotions come out along with strong melodies and catchy chorus’. Frontman Joel Birch really opens up about his demons on this album, each track telling a very different story.

After the release of single 'Shine On', at the end of last year, they really teased this album to be something special. The Amity Affliction are making their mark on the music scene, after headlining the Impericon Never Say Die Tour late last year and grabbing some incredible spots at various festivals this year, they’re really clinging on to the success they’ve earned.

'I Bring The Weather With Me' is the perfect opener with its great melodies, captivating lyrics and awesome guitar solos, it has everything a great metalcore song needs. It has the kind of catchy chorus where you will find yourself singing along with Ahren Stringers smooth “when I’m gone”s all day.

Title track 'This Could Be Heartbreak', is really where bassist and clean vocalist, Ahren Stringer takes the lead. His vocals, especially in the chorus and bridge really make the song stand out. It's a very different song compared to Amity’s usual heavy title tracks. It is a song however, that is sure to be a crowd favourite live as it’s an easy one for crowds to shout along to with the band, which always makes for a great live performance.

'Tearing Me Apart' starts off with a light intro giving the song a calm feel which shortly changes when the harsh vocals start. Joel Birch’s moany screams in the bridge add anger and frustration to the feel of the song which contrast perfectly with Stringers emotional vocals. He then becomes Stingers echo which really makes the bridge the stand out part of the song, as you can really hear the contrast between them.

The guitar licks at the start of 'OMGIMY (Oh My God I’m Missing You)' really starts off this song strong. The emotions put into it really make it stand out, the track becomes an obvious continuation of 2014’s 'Never Alone', when the song ends with a similar emotional voicemail message saying to someone how he’s “All Fucked Up” which leads perfectly onto the next song 'All Fucked Up'. 'All Fucked Up' is a very light and gentle song compared the others on this album. The song almost feels acoustic, something The Amity Affliction haven’t done before but the guitars gentle riffs behind Stringers clean vocals really give the song its calm feel. They continue the theme of the previous song and carry on the emotional journey Birch is writing about with this album. Anyone going through a break up and coming to terms with how they feel about it will instantly connect with these songs.

Turning it back up, 'Fight My Regret' really adds the heavy metalcore back into the album, where they go back to their roots and the type of songs that got them this far. This song shows off Birches incredible vocals as he takes the lead. Tracks like this really show how underrated an unclean vocalist he is. The deep base lines and heavy drums ensure that pits will be opened whenever this song is played, no matter when or where.

Album closer, 'Blood In My Mouth', closes the album full circle. In a similar way to the albums beginning the music fades out the same way the church bells faded in at the start of 'I Bring The Weather With Me'. In contrast to the songs calm end, it starts off with Birch’s frustrating screams, coupled with some insane guitar it really finishes the album off showing off what The Amity Affliction can do.

The Amity Affliction really know how to make an emotional album. Joel Birch’s amazing lyric writing and his ability to bring his darkness to life really make their songs shine. Although this album lacks the stand out tracks and anthems of Let The Ocean Take Me, it has some experimental tracks on here The Amity Affliction haven’t tried before which really pay off. They pull the album together and show that this band aren’t afraid to mix up their sound up a little and try something new. The Amity Affliction are really making their mark on the metalcore genre and deserve to continue getting higher and higher as they produce more incredible music like this.

Written by Hannah Smith
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