Alternative Press' 'The Box' Returns And It Includes Reissue Of Twenty One Pilots' First Cover Story


Alternative Press had a thing called 'The Box' in April, featuring a limited edition reissue of their Melanie Martinez issue, and though it disappeared for a while, they brought it back!
This 'Box' (The Box v 1.2) contains a limited edition reissue of their Twenty One Pilots' first cover story!

Check out the other products in 'The Box':
[1] Twenty One Pilots #316 reissue 
[1] Good Dye Young hair dye - Steal My Sunshine ($13.99 value) (same one as Josh had for a very long time)
[1] Space Enamel Chain Pin 
[1] Frosted Strawberry Donut Patch
[1] Your Brand Tote Bag ($15 value)

Check out a picture of al the products below and grab the box here.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
24-08-2017 1 min read
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