Anniversary Poll: 'Blurryface' Turned Two Today


Today marks the second birthday of Twenty One Pilots' album 'Blurryface'.
Exactly two years ago the album was officially released, while the majority of the clique back then had already heard it as Tyler Joseph himself leaked the record.

In the two following years, Twenty One Pilots quickly rose to the top, armed with the album, and are now playing massive arena's all over the globe, while 'Blurryface' is still being streamed by millions of people. We've seen a duo with amazing potential live up to that potential and swiftly become a worldwide known act with singles such as 'Stressed Out', 'Ride' and 'Heavydirtysoul'. While we're not even remotely done with this era, we're beyond psyched to find out what Twenty One Pilots will be up to next.

Anyway (we didn't get carried away there at all, what are you talking about?), just like we do with a lot of our favourite artists and their album milestones, we thought it'd be funny to let you vote for your favourite track off of this brilliant record.
Other than thinking it's really funny, we're also very curious to see how you will cast your votes.

You can vote below!
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
17-05-2017 4 mins read
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