Are Twenty One Pilots Being Cryptic Once Again?


Their fandom was quite shocked when Twenty One Pilots "just dropped" their latest single 'Level Of Concern' without any teasing or cryptic messages or secret websites.

However, the band might be going back to their old ways as Tyler Joseph has been keeping his tweets to an amount of '420', meaning when he tweeted something, he would delete another tweet to keep it this way.

Now, on April 20th (4-20), he has tweeted a screenshot of his tweet amount.

Fans have also noticed that the website has been reactive at 12am today, which is also two years after the website was discovered.

Whether the band are even doing anything at all is, of course, all still speculation.

Check out some discoveries below and stay tuned for more information!

(@CUTMYLIPLIVE on Twitter has discovered a lot, check out his thread here)

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Eva van den Bosch Eva van den Bosch
20-04-2020 3 mins read
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