Are Yungblud & Bring Me The Horizon Collaborating Soon?


Are Yungblud and Bring Me The Horizon working on something together?

Yungblud has been releasing new content left and right, with the latest addition being the brand new track 'Strawberry Lipstick' . Bring Me The Horizon are also keeping busy, with a promise of even more new music besides the latest release 'Parasite Eve' coming this year.

We know there's a great mutual respect between the two artists, and a few days ago, Yungblud reached out on Twitter, tagging both Oliver Sykes and Jordan Fish, asking them to check their inbox on Twitter. Could they be discussing a fun new project together?

Both artists are known to collaborate quite a bit, with Yungblud having teamed up with Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey & more recently.

Bring Me The Horizon have also released music featuring Halsey, not to mention Grimes, Dani Filth, YONAKA and many more.

Would you be excited about Yungblud and Bring Me The Horizon releasing music together? Let us know via social media!

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
27-07-2020 2 mins read
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