Arisen From Nothing Release Music Video for “Chaos”

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Arisen From Nothing is a five-piece heavy metal band consisting of Jessie Bringham, six-string shredders, Troy Elmore and Steve Pontius on guitars, Eric Hanson on bass, and Brandon Fuller, a former member of national touring act Ghost Town Rebellion, on drums.

With their recent release of their new album, Broken, “Chaos” is their fervent battle cry and lead single off of that record. Troy describes Arisen From Nothing's sound as “aggressive, driving, groovy, powerful, brutal.”
Broken is an all new version of Arisen From Nothing. The band describes the album as their own twist on modern heavy metal. "We've done our best to deliver an element of groove throughout the songs that you can bob your head and tap your foot to, while remaining aggressive and fast enough mosh to," AFN said. "There are rich melodic choruses, and a lot of underlying complexity held withing the melody in the riffs and drums that you feel in your chest."

Their lead single "Chaos" was the song that they felt was always meant to open the album because it best describes the band's new sound lyrically and instrumentally.

“There’s a lot of subject matter fans should be able to relate to so I’m hoping it will be received well," they said. "Fans will appreciate the new AFN sound, and new direction the band is going in. We wanted songs that had moments of musical complexity but maintain a groove that gets your toes tapping and your head banging.”

If you love bands like
Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium, Slipknot, Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold, Tool, Stone Sour, and/or Asking Alexandria, you may love Arisen From Nothing.

Broken is available now via Collective Wave Records.

By: Melanie Gomez

Check out their video for "Chaos" below:
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