Artists We Are Excited To See Perform At Firefly Music Festival


This coming weekend is a great weekend, cause it is time for Firefly Music Festival again!

Just like previous years, the line-up is packed with incredible artists from all sorts of genres and backgrounds. While not every artist is a fit for us here over at Strife Mag, there are an incredible amount of artists we are beyond excited to witness live on the three-day festival and here's a rundown of a couple we are especially excited for:

Bea Miller Bea Miller released her debut album 'aurora' last year after releasing several EPs and picking up fans along the way. With anthems such as 'S.L.U.T' and the most recent 'it's not u it's me', Bea Miller has built herself quite the fanbase and it is no wonder she's being picked up for festivals across the country after her successful first headliner tour. We cannot wait to witness Bea Miller perform her songs live and will enjoy every second of it!

Awolnation SAIL! Who doesn't love the immensely popular 'Sail' by the electro-pop kings from Awolnation. Besides their megahit, the band give one hell of a show and have a bunch of entertaining songs besides the obvious one. The band will be playing a long set on the Friday. Make sure you're there!

Post Malone Hip-hop royalty Post Malone live is always a good idea. Post Malone will be headlining the Sunday, closing out the mainstage of the festival. While Post Malone is such a huge name in the music industry right now, with an impressive 44 million Spotify listeners a month, Post Malone takes the stage on his very own. Don't sell Post Malone's show short though, even though it is just him, he gives one hell of a performance with eerie vibes at times and a massive production. We cannot to see what the headliner set will bring us!

AJR We have something to admit: We LOVE AJR. Ever since their new album 'Neotheater' has dropped, one track or another ended up being streamed every day, if not the entire record. With almost 7 million listeners a month, but maintaining their modest feel, both in their online presence as in their music, we cannot wait to see what these brothers bring to the table in a live capacity.

Yungblud Yungblud, the popular singer/songwriter from the UK is going overseas to play some festival shows, including our favourite: Firefly Music Festival. Armed with his debut album '21st Century Liability' and the new singles 'Loner', 'Parents', '11 Minutes (with Halsey and Travis Barker) and 'I Think I'm OKAY' (with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker), Yungblud's show is bound to get real crazy real fast. He'll be playing on Sunday, so make sure you're there!

Panic! At The Disco The almighty emo emperor Brendon Urie will be taking his live band to Firefly Music Festival to close out the first day of the festival in a headliner capacity. With the release of the album 'Pray For The Wicked' and simultaneously the immense success of 'High Hopes', Panic! At The Disco quickly soared to the top of festival bills across the globe and we are ecstatic to witness the massive production surrounding the brand new album again. If you know what's good for you, you'll check out Panic! At The Disco's massive set!

Bottom line, there are plenty of reasons to go check out Firefly Music Festival this weekend and in case you haven't grabbed your tickets yet, that's okay - there's still time! Check out the website right here and secure your tickets before you are too late!

Cane Hill
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
17-06-2019 4 mins read
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