Backlash On 'Doris', The State Of Deathcore & Self-Titled Album With Suicide Silence Frontman Eddie Hermida


Suicide SIlence are currently being heavily discussed by both music enthusiasts and media outlets due to the upcoming self-titled record of the band. This record will be the debut for Eddie Hermida's clean vocals and overall the album has a massively different sound compared to the previous records. When releasing lead single 'Doris', Suicide Silence received quite the backlash for the track. Little did we know that this backlash was not only anticipated but also encouraged. Eddie Hermida shared with us that 'Doris' had the biggest shock factor and that the hateful comments do not affect him.
Besides the backlash for 'Doris', we also discussed a variety of other topics, including the state of the deathcore scene, recording with very old equipment and much more.
Dive right in below!

You guys released 'Doris' as your first track off of the upcoming record 'Suicide Silence', why did you decide to release this track as debut single?

​I feel like the other tracks on the album don't have as much 'shock value' as this one.
It's pretty much the biggest two middlefingers we could stick in the air, you know?
It's saying we're confident with the new direction we're taking.
It's saying we're here and it provides the most discomfort to fans in a way. It's not what you're used to in metal. It doesn't sound the way metal sounds.
It goes away from being this crisp, perfect sounding record to being real 'in-your-face' raw punkrock & heavy metal slamming sound.

Apparently a lot of your fans disagree with the new sound, is this part of the discomfort you just described. Did it come as a surprise? It is a problem?
Their opinions are valid. If they don't agree with it, they don't agree with it.
It's not for me to judge them. If they feel like their opinions are well-thought out and they feel like they need to say something, then they should. The way that I feel though is not affected. I'm still very proud of the music and if anything I get really high from the comments. I get an overwhelming sensation of pure joy when reading these comments.
Three years ago, I would've read those comments and get really sad but I have so much confidence in the music that I cannot even see anything but positivity.

If kids are trying really hard to say that the music is terrible, they're not saying it directly to me. They don't know me, they don't know the work and pain that went into this record.
For them to just attack without any basis makes it almost funny, so I really appreciate it and I hope it keeps coming, haha!

Not too long ago, Phil Bozeman and you had a lengthy chat with Alternative Press about the Deathcore scene and how it has changed over the years. Do you feel like this record will be an important mark into the development of this scene?
This record is a statement to everybody who believes that deathcore is child's music.
To metal fans that believe that deathcore has no place in the metal world.
This record is a statement to say the opposite.

We are just as powerful and we're just as hungry as your favourite metal artists.
We're here to say we're not going anywhere. We're here to prove that we're all here for the same reason: To shine light on darkness.
We're here to give permission for people to feel despaired, angry, upset & it's okay.
Those are human reactions and you don't have to hide from those feelings.

How many more songs can we expect before the release of the album?
Two more! (The first one is 'Silence', which has released by now).
The second new track will release the day before the release of the record.
Hopefully and potentially with a video. It depends if we can have the music video ready in time! It's currently being edited.

How was the recording process of 'Suicide Silence' in comparison to the previous record(s)?
The biggest difference is the fact that we recorded live takes.
We buckled down and played the songs all the way through before anything else and then we went back and made changes to lyrical parts, added melodies and/or vocals that weren't there.  We recorded with tape! Something that bands don't do anymore.
We recorded through very old equipment! Most of our equipment was from the '70's.
The microphone that I was recorded into was from the '40's.
You kinda hear the rawness in it. You get to hear the mistakes.
That's something we didn't allow ourselves to do that previous to this record.
'You Can't Stop Me', 'The Crown' and the 'Cleansing', they're all very clean.
'The Cleansing' and this record have a lot in common though, as they are both live recordings. 

One thing that stood by us when you guys released 'You Can't Stop Me' is that you guys said 'it's not the best we wrote but it's going to have to do'. Later it became known that the record was also an ode to the late Mitch Lucker. Was this new sound that you're trying now already in play back then?
The band was already making changes even back in the 'No Time To Bleed' days.
There was already a very theorial and ambient sound coming from the breakdown.
There's already a lot of changes happening in the band, since back in 2009 even.
What we did on this record is that instead of dipping our toes in the water, we put on diving gear and went to the deepest parts of the ocean.
We weren't afraid to travel to places where we've never travelled before.
We already knew that we were going to make changes, we just didn't know how deep we wanted to go. Ross Robinson really helped us fully dive in and not just dip our toes in.
We fully submerged ourselves.

Why did you decide to call this record 'Suicide Silence'?
Many reasons!

One of the biggest ones is that we really found ourselves in this music that we wrote and when you find yourself the statement is to say 'This is what the band is now. There's no turning back. We're going to stick to our guns and keep creating music that is going to help us serve music and create a clear message for fans. This is now Suicide Silence, take it or leave it, here we are'. That's also why we're on the cover of the record.

Another reason is that the name Suicide Silence is different.
It forces you to think. Suicide Silence in a way means the death of an ego. The suicide of the ego through silence. Through finding yourself and being quiet. Soulsearching and solace. These are words that people like to use but not really implement.
This record is meant to challenge that and help you find the answers within yourself.
Why am I pissed about this? Why does this rub me the wrong way?
These are all questions you can answer by looking within yourself and this record is meant to challenge that. Look hard enough. Dive right in & follow us through this adventure that is silence. 

Has your influences shifted to other artists/bands for this new record?
We've been influenced by the same people our entire lives.
It's just when we started writing heavy music when we were younger, that's what people liked and we believed that that was the sound people wanted to hear while in fact what people want to hear is for us to be musicians. Our influence still remain the same. Korn are a big influence. Slipknot, Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, The Beatles. These bands have also been big influences for us and remain to be.
I can listen to 'Definitely Maybe' (Oasis album) and feel like I'm a little kid again and hear it with fresh ears eventhough I've heard it a million times.
That's our biggest influence: timeless music.

What else does Suicide Silence have in store for us in 2017?
In march we'll be touring the UK. This summer we'll be doing a lot of festivals and of course the release tour in the US around the release time of the record, but other than that expect the unexpected from us.
We're going to stay clear from the relentless touring schedule that most bands do that ends up killing the vibe & flavour. We're not going to keep announcing tour after tour after tour with the same bands over and over.
We're going to create a place and a home for new talent to tour with us.
We want to bring with us on tour young bands that truly challenge themselves and the world of music. We've toured relentlessly for the last 10 years and it got us practically nowhere. We still sell the same amount of records, we haven't gotten any bigger, we don't get any smaller. It just kinda stays the same and we're looking to change that.

Do you have any bands in mind that you'd like to take on tour?
I'm a big fan of Code Orange. I'm a big fan of King 810. Those are just a couple of bands I can think of right now, but we know there are a lot of bands out there who are pushing the enveloppe. Who are staying clear of the typical sounds and going for something that's going to make a statement. There's a band called Oathbreaker out there that is really pushing my buttons. 

Live music is becoming increasingly more important for musicians nowadays and especially with you saying you won't be touring relentlessly, you're going to have to make your liveshows as memorable as can be. Is/are there any artist(s) out there who's liveshow really inspires you?
Korn! Korn brings a liveshow like no other band out there.
They're one of the few bands that I've witnessed who don't 'phone it in' and they've been touring for the last 20 years and they don't have to fake it.
They show up to play every single night to move the people who are listening to them.
That is something I always strive for. Another artist that really brings a great liveshow is Puscifer. Metallica & Deftones both have really killer liveshows.
Basically any band who has moved from being a club band to being a stadium band is because their liveshow is 100% and that's something I strive to be 150% every time I play.

Suicide Silence's self-titled will release on February 24th.
Catch the band in the US this month or in the UK in March!
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