Blessthefall Have Been Robbed


Following the spate of robberies over the past few months which have affected everyone from With Confidence and Milestones to The Browning, it seems that yet another honest, hardworking band have become victims of a devastating robbery while on tour. This time, it was Arizona natives blessthefall, a metalcore five piece who fell victim to these cowardly criminals in Florida, where the band are currently touring with fellow metalheads Memphis May Fire as part of their 'March of Madness' tour.

​So far, details of the event and the exact possessions that have been stolen have yet to be released, but guitarist Elliot Gruenberg expressed his anger and frustration in this series of tweets earlier today:
As Elliot mentioned, this isn't the first time that blessthefall have been affected by robbery, yet no matter how many times musicians have had to deal with a devastating blow like this, the emotional as well as financial toll that such crimes can have on bands is enormous. In a time when we need music more than ever to bring people together, these idiotic criminals looking to make some fast cash off other people's property are, unknowingly perhaps, dismantling that safe place that bands and fans alike need to allow their creativity to flow and their voices to be heard. Blessthefall have stated that they do not want charity, however if you do want to help them out by purchasing some merchandise, links to their online store are below.

We here at Strife want to take this opportunity to offer our support to blessthefall, and we hope that the people who did this are apprehended and the band's possessions are retrieved as soon as possible.

​Blessthefall online store:
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
22-03-2017 3 mins read
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