Blink-182 Are Being Sued By Fyre Festival


One would think people would start to forget about the disastrous Fyre festival that went down in 2017. Everyone has seen the documentations and had a good lough about the memes that came afterwards. But no, they’re back at it again and this time they’re coming for everyone’s favourite pop punk band – Blink-182.

Fyre festival was supposed to be an extremely luxurious festival for the rich and famous – quite obvious, as it was being promoted by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. But a lack of good preparation for the actual festival resulted in problems in medical supplies, food and much more. In the end Fyre was forced to close early and that’s where its infamous story became so big.

But what does Blink-182 have to do with that? Well, Fyre’s financial team is trying to sue them for $500,000, because their agent CAA never returned the deposit they got for headlining the tour. The band decided to not play their show at Fyre, because they were worried the organisation would not guarantee them a safe show.

In an Interview with NME, singer Matt Skiba explained that they “pulled out for technical and logistical issues and the rest of it crumbled to s—t because that’s what it was”.

He also said the he made the festival close down with his witch powers – but that is a whole other article. You can click the link here to find the interview with NME and learn more about Skiba's witchcraft!

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Stef Schneider Stef Schneider
02-09-2019 2 mins read
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