Blurryface Twitter Account Has Started Posting Again


As you may know, Blurryface is the alter ego of Tyler Joseph, frontman of Twenty One Pilots.  Blurryface has been described as the name (and face) given to Tyler's insecurities by way of creativity, so that he may begin to face them.

Well there is a Blurryface account on Twitter, which leading up to the release of Blurryface album, shared cryptic tweets and information with followers. The account has posts which are then later deleted, so it's an account which is watched closely for any changes.

And today the Blurryface account has posted again.


"A NEWTA KE WONT MAKETH EMLO VEIT" = "A new take won't make them love it."

"New take": We believe this to relate to remixes, and a new take on music already released.
"Them": The Clique

The numbers from 1 to 5 appear to be track numbers (see in the update below).

Tyler has also just posted an Instagram photo which is semi-cryptic ("gasstationbathroomiswhereiletyouin"). Letting Blurryface/insecurities rear themselves in privacy makes sense to us. His Blurryface may have him wondering if we'll even like it. He doesn't exactly look comfortable and happy.

A search of music databases has found five tracks (the 'magic' number mentioned in the image) which seem to be remixes of the songs we know and love, which also makes the "new take" wording make sense.

The songs are listed as "TOPXMM" but were previously listed as "MATH SESSIONS".

We wonder if "TOPXMM" is not Twenty One Pilots and Mutemath? We all loved the Paul Meany 'mellowmatics' remix of Stressed Out.  Have the rest of these songs had similar treatment? It seems more and more likely.
Little does Blurryface realise, we will love all of them no matter what.

Hang in there, Tyler!

UPDATE: Our theory was confirmed as correct by what Twenty One Pilots & Mutemath did next.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
15-12-2016 3 mins read
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