Blurryface Twitter Account Shows Activity, Hints End Of Silence


Last night, the 2017 Alternative Press Music Awards were hosted in Cleveland, Ohio and Twenty One Pilots took home the award for Most Dedicated Fanbase.
For the entire list of winners, go here.

Tyler Joseph did not attend the ceremony, leaving Josh Dun up to the task of receiving the award and giving a speech on his own. Josh Dun briefly addressed Tyler Joseph's absence and stated that Tyler Joseph was busy "cutting ties with DEMA".

Not knowing what that means, and being as dedicated as the clique is, many Twenty One Pilots fans took to the internet in a desperate attempt to find some meaning behind this, and what do you know, they found something:

"DEMA" may refer to on Wikipedia: "Dema, an Iranian word for the "Towers of Silence".
Cutting ties with the "Towers of Silence" could refer back to the closing eye, which marked the end of the Blurryface era and the start of the hiatus. The last post of this closing eye was "And now we just sit in silence", a lyric from Twenty One Pilots' 'Car Radio'.

Someone dug up this theory and posted it on Twitter to see what other Clique members thought of this approach. No one other than the infamous Blurryface Twitter account gave this tweet a 'Favourite' for a limited time. The 'Blurryface' account is almost exclusively used when Twenty One Pilots are teasing something, meaning that this Clique member was indeed on the right track with the "Dema" theory.

The Clique truly deserves the" Most Dedicated Fanbase" award now, don't they?

Our friends over at @Topupdating already made up their mind and said that Tyler Joseph is currently working on new Twenty One Pilots music! What do you think of all this?
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
18-07-2017 4 mins read
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