Brendon Urie Opens Up About First Panic! At The Disco Split


In the latest episode of Neighbourhood Of Good, Brendon Urie has opened up about the first Panic! At The Disco split when Ryan Ross and Jon Walker left the band in 2009. 

"The first split that Panic! had, I was very depressed. I sometimes wouldn’t leave my house for weeks.
One of my greatest friends and greatest mentors Rob Mathis, he said "Dude, just show up. If you just show up, things will happen- this isn’t about you. Get out of your head." and I just started showing up to the places that people were asking me to go and great things started happening.

You know what matters? People being happy."

We are glad that he started feeling happier!
You can check out the full episode below.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
24-10-2018 1 min read
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