Brendon Urie Responds To Halsey's Story Of Being Bullied


In a recent interview Halsey opened up about being bullied in school because of her 'emo obsession' and how it caused her to lose a precious piece of Panic! memorabilia. Brendon Urie's response was simply adorable.

Artists inspire artists, and in an interview with NME, Halsey revealed that when she went to see Panic! At The Disco in her school days, Urie acknowledged her during the show and she had a special wristband to remind her of the encounter.

"I remember having this wristband from the pit [at one of the shows], and Brendon Urie being on the edge of the stage and acknowledging me…so I wore that wristband every day. I even covered it with plastic when I showered so it wouldn’t fall off."

During a physical encounter with her bullies, her wristband snapped and she lost it. It may seem like a small thing for some, but many of us understand how it hurts to lose something of great sentimental value. Halsey said she was "devastated" at the loss.

Later on in life, she recalled the incident to Brendon Urie himself during her rise to fame. In response, Brendon left a surprise for her to find when she entered her dressing room after a recent show. She said, "I went back to my dressing room after [a show of mine he came to recently]…and there was a bouquet of flowers and two plastic Panic! At the Disco wristbands, with a little note that said: “This is to replace the one you lost."

It's so nice to hear good news from the music community, don't you think? 
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
09-10-2018 2 mins read
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