Brendon Urie Reveals He Might Start Releasing New Panic! At The Disco Songs Any Moment Now


Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie has been active on Instagram Live once again, this time offering an update on the upcoming Panic! record, aswell as to discuss Drake's method of releasing new tracks.

Drake recently released two tracks out of the blue, just stand-alone singles that he wanted his fans to have, and Brendon Urie is looking into doing the same thing.

He shares he has the new album and all that, but he also has plenty of new music that won't end up on the upcoming record. Urie shares he'd like to do something with those tracks. 

Here's what Brendon Urie shared on his latest Instagram Live session:
"You know what? Drake's got a good plan and I think I wanna start doing this. Yeah, I have an album, but I also have, like, way more songs apart from the album. So, I wanna do some stuff with it. He just put two songs out randomly. Fuck it. I wanna do that. You guys down with that, if I just start throwing a couple of songs out here and there? I want them to see the light of day and there's just so many. I don't like doing albums that are more than, like, 10/11 songs. That's not my vibe. But, if you're into it...shit, I'm into it. I'm gonna do that. Whatever, just sounds fun."
If all goes according to Urie's plans, not only do we have a new Panic! At The Disco album coming, we can also expect some singles here and there that won't end up on the album. This is very exciting!

Are you looking forward to new Panic! At The Disco material?
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
22-01-2018 2 mins read
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