ALBUM REVIEW: Bullet For My Valentine's "Gravity" Pushes Band In New Direction

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Written by Abigail Russell
Bullet For My Valentine dropped their new album, “Gravity,” on the music world late last month, and their fearless dedication to experimenting with sound is obvious in this high-energy musical masterpiece.  

Not only that, but this album represents a lot of firsts for the band: their first album under the Spinefarm label, the first album with drummer Jason Bowld, who replaced founding member Michael “Moose” Thomas, and their first album to feature bassist Jamie Mathias as a contributing member. 

BFMV has handled all these firsts with incredible ease, marking the changes to the tune of smooth synths and electronica, departing from their signature metalcore.  Despite departing from their signature sound, BFMV has not lost touch with their audience.  From Q&A’s with the fans the night of the release to immediately streaming the newest songs online, the band has been busy connecting with their fanbase on a more personal level-- appropriate for what is being described as an intensely personal album.

As mentioned before, “Gravity” is BFMV’s first release since joining Search and Destroy/ Spinefarm Records.  The band is always trying to refresh its style and keep itself from being tied down to a particular sound, and “Gravity” reflects that adventurous spirit.  Their traditional heavy metal is now mixed with cool synths and creative electronic riffs in addition to their signature hard rock and metalcore style.  Fresh, honest vocals add another layer of personality to the already jaw-dropping album.  Whether for personal reasons or just testing the waters, BFMV took a calculated risk with “Gravity,” and it seems to be working for them.

Due to the somewhat inventive nature of the album, longtime fans of BFMV have been pretty vocal about their opinions on the band’s new direction.  Many have taken to Twitter to express their early impressions.   Some users loved the new sounds, calling “Gravity” their “ultimate favorite album” and applauding the music’s creativity, while fans of BFMV’s heavier sound were wary of the changes.  But the most significant reaction to the album came from many music lovers who’d never listened to BFMV before, but have now become dedicated fans due to the curb appeal of “Gravity.”

Matthew Tuck, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, commented on the album: “The time is right for the band to discover new ground and push ourselves creatively, not rely on history. [W]e just wanted to do something exciting.” 

“Gravity” represents the forward-thinking attitude of the band’s members, showing that behind the screaming guitars or smooth riffs, music connects in a way that reaches beyond a band’s history or genre into a personal connection with the listeners.  The band that once drew inspiration from heavy metal bands with their trademark edgy riffs now likens to the pop angst genre.  But perhaps this is the biggest appeal of BFMV’s new direction- an infectious fearlessness that can’t be ignored.

What do you think of Bullet For My Valentine’s new sound?  Do you like the album?  Will you remain a longtime fan or become a new enthusiast?  Let us know what you think!

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