Chester Bennington's Close Friends/Bandmates Share Their Final Conversations With Linkin Park Singer


In a very emotional new article by Rolling Stone, many close friends and family members from Chester Bennington have shared their final conversations with the late Linkin Park vocalist. Most of the entries in the article describe Chester Bennington's final conversation with them as a positive conversation and here are a few:

​Before his passing, Chester Bennington was working on putting a reunion tour together for his band Grey Daze, a band Chester Bennington played in before he got famous (Pre-Linkin Park). These shows were supposed to happen in September and fellow musician Sean Dowdell describes Chester Bennington as being  "on top of the world" when discussing this with Chester Bennington only two days prior to his passing.

Stone Temple Pilots bandmate Robert DeLeo also came in contact with Chester Bennington a few days prior to his suicide, and describes his messages as “loving, positive, looking-forward-to-the-future, growing-old kinds of things.” He also shares that 1 day before Bennington's passing, he emailed drummer Matt Sorum about setting up a show with all-star cover band Kings of Chaos.

The list continues with Ryan Shuck, a bandmate from Chester Bennington's side project Dead By Sunrise. Shuck shares that Chester Bennington was six month sober as of a month before his passing. His exact words were:
“He was describing an hour-by-hour battle with addiction, When I look at it now, it’s horrifying. He was telling me, down to the detail, what he would do in the first hour he wanted to drink: ‘I basically just take it hour-by-hour every day.’ ”

“We don’t know how much, but it doesn’t take much when you’re that advanced an alcoholic and an addict and you’re battling to the extent he described to me,”
Shuck shares “You don’t need much to lose your mind for a minute.”

Rolling Stone's article is filled with heartwarming stories such as the ones from Sean Dowdell and Robert DeLeo. We highly suggest you give the article listed at the top of the page a read!
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
04-08-2017 2 mins read
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