Concert Review: Don Broco @ Cologne


It was a strange sight in the small rock club “Luxor” in Cologne this past Friday: the venue known for its underground hard rock and metal gigs suddenly hosted young teenage girls, some even with their moms as chaperones. It gave me the odd notion that maybe, just maybe there’s still hope for teenage girls cause apparently they have suddenly discovered music with quality. Jokes aside, Don Broco rocked the “Luxor” in a way no metal group ever rocked it. The fangirl screaming got hardcore at times, but the guys definitely deserved the attention. Also much respect to their support The One Hundred who rocked the place like it was booked just for them. Unfortunately I missed the other support Merge but word was that they were really great as well.

But let’s get back to Don Broco! Their set included the hottest tracks from their debut record “Priorities” as well as some smashers from the most recent album “Automatic” and their newest single “Everybody” turned out to be a great opener for their show. Rob Damiani aced his vocal performance and riled up the audience with some great stage banter in between songs.
Highlights of the evening were the slower tracks “Fire” and “Nerve”, but it was also tons of fun to put on the dancing shoes for some rock-dance to “Superlove” and “Money Power Fame”.

They left quite a few happy faces after the gigs - even the moms looked happy after all that male dancing and singing on stage. The band even made some new fans: Oliver who accompanied his friend Doro to the show didn’t know Don Broco before the gig, but was amazed the band managed to pull off such a big show in the small club: “The show was really good. I didn’t expect that in such a small venue!”, he said. Doro had already seen Don Broco when they supported 5 Seconds of Summer earlier in Germany and can’t stop listening to them since their gig. For the both of them attending a concert is a big deal: “We don’t go often to concerts. It’s always very exciting for us.”. The fact that they picked a Don Broco gig in a small underground club for one of those special moments shows exactly what the band has built up in Germany this past year: a dedicated fan base ready to dance at every possible occasion.

Written by Melissa Wilke
Cane Hill
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
25-10-2016 3 mins read
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